Finn In Britain

Expat life in UK with a Finnish perspective

In September ’14 I moved to the UK from Finland. My move was not in order to become an expat, but to get a business degree from a UK university.



However, after graduating with my first degree from University of Lincoln I decided I quite liked it here, so I got myself a job, and after a few speed bumps,  it’s 2020 and it looks like I’m here to stay!

Finn In Britain, Expat life in UK
My life as an expat in the United Kingdom.

Now most of us expats in UK are experiencing a struggle with the global pandemic, Covid-19, and the restrictions placed by the government which have changed our everyday lives for the foreseeable future. 

I’ve changed some of the themes of articles I’m posting to share my experiences with the virus and how it has changed my daily life. This is in terms of being made redundant, but then getting my company to furlough me and trying to focus on my postgraduate study whilst I’m worried about my loved ones in and out of UK.

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