How Covid-19 affects me looking for a job in UK?

Recap on how I ended up working part-time and studying full-time

I know this post is about how Covid-19 affects me looking for a job in UK, but before that I wanted to explain how I got here. For this reason, the first few paragraphs will tell you about something that happened not too long ago. It’s a story that starts with me quitting my role in Manchester.

Working from home with Covid-19

I had been working in a lovely startup SAAS in Manchester for a few months, after I realised that my life hasn’t turned out the way I wanted it to. It had been a rough few years with companies going under and me trying to find the best place to live in England whilst juggling between new jobs. Even though I found myself happy working in a modern office with a great team (and lots of free coffee!), I was still missing something. I understood that I needed a change. I needed to start studying my masters in UK to realise my full potential as a marketer. I made an application to a postgraduate course in Stoke-on-Trent and got accepted!

After applying to study my postgraduate degree which started last September, I had to resign from the great role in Manchester to be able to take upon the studies. Of course like any huge investment and life decision, we had done our planning and assessing the risks of which this new journey might bring, but after having secure a nicely paying part-time job, the deal was sealed: I was going to be studying once more!

How Coronavirus made me redundant

My story on the implications of Covid-19 to everyday life is not your average Disney story with a crooked villain and a happily ever after, rather is a never ending story with some real life business challenges. This is how Covid-19 affects me when I’m looking for a job in UK. 

 It was in March, when our University informed us that the non-essential services (such as library) will close and that all students will have their lectures online for the foreseeable future. From reading that email, I realised that the end of my degree will not be as I had planned it. 

Well news come in pairs.. Not too long before hearing the new from the university, I found out that my business is looking to make me redundant due to the current financial outlook. – This was a hit below the belt, and I had already envisioned it.

How Covid-19 affects me looking for job in UK?

I got made redundant in the end of March, with my employer giving me a garden leave meaning that I stopped working immediately. I was shocked and I did not know how to prioritise my between my research and finding a new job in UK with Coronavirus already disturbing many businesses and their operations. I ended up setting some job alerts, placing a few carefully chosen applications and contacted some of my networks. 

To answer the question on how Covid-19 affects me looking for a job in UK is not simple. I might say that many companies are still looking for employees. Especially grocery stores and multiple corporations are looking for customer services staff here in England. On the other hand,  most of these roles are not something I could not do as I have underlining health conditions that make me part of the risk group and therefore should shield myself from the virus. My only option seems to be to wait for the restrictions to be lifted and apply for an office or remote role instead.

So whilst I’m waiting for the employers to open up their hiring processes again I needed to understand my chances of securing my income whilst unemployed. I found out that not all is lost!

Made redundant due to covid19 and without income? - You don't have to!

It was a week after my applications and chats with potential employers when the wider restrictions came to play when the government imposed the current lockdown measures. I thought that my life as I knew it would end at that moment, but it didn’t!  Then next day from hearing the news, one of my alerts on LinkedIn for Covid-19, informed me that there’s a new government scheme aimed at protecting employees. This new scheme allowed employers to rehire staff they had made redundant and furlough them instead. The beauty of this system is that the government would issue payment for 80% up to £2,500 per month to the companies to pay their furloughed employees. 

I know my current situation of earning 80% from my salary is much better than many of you might have at the moment, but I thought to share this information to show you that there are options. Many of us expats are not allowed to universal credit and other benefits, due to a vast amount of reasons. Also, it might be the case that the company you were working for, could take you back after the business picks up again or not, but please see if you could get the help is out there for a reason.

If you've lost your job, see if you could be furloughed instead!

To find more information on the scheme, please visit one of these two sites! (I found the CIPD site more practical)

I hope you found this article useful and stay tuned as Finn In Britain continues on the lookout for new job opportunities in the UK with Covid-19. Please share and comment if you know someone who might benefit from reading this.  We are not alone, there’s many of us struggling, but we need to keep on going!

This was how Covid-19 affects me looking for job in UK. Please follow me on social media and keep safe!

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