Jobs and Working in the UK: The Expat Guide

Jobs and working in the UK the Expat Guide. Where to find jobs in UK? How to open first bank account in England? Find out the answers for these and more with this Expat Guide!

What's the big deal?

Recently, I have had a lot of chats with my peers and friends on how I ended up landing my first job in UK and where to move in UK when you’re looking for a job. This said, I’d be lying if I didn’t think this was an interesting topic to myself also, being on the lookout for the next big thing. Continue reading if you want to see my Expat Guide to applying jobs and working in the UK!

5 Top tips to find a job in UK

As a digital marketer, I am quite good with assessing data and see the trends online. To support this claim, I did some research and came up with these long-tailed keywords which might not seem like much. 

“Where to find a Job in UK?”

“Working in UK, what is needed?”

“Where to find work in UK”

“How can I get an UK Bank Account?”

What is interesting here, however, is that these questions were formed based on the google search trends. This means we are not alone with the quest of finding the well hidden information of where to move and where the jobs at! 

Jobs and working in the UK - The Expat Guide

Well, many of us might think that the internet must be full of Guides like this and that this is just one to many. If you were thinking that, I’ll stand you corrected! Below, I’ve listed some of the most reputable Expat sites and Government links with information to expats looking for work. (Please come back after finding the information, and please, leave a comment on how long and many links it took!)

Now here's the good stuff - The Expat Guide!

These links are not bad in nature, rather they can be a bit misleading and the information might be hard to digest. Therefore, I’ve made this following cheat sheet to remember which sites are the best and for what purpose! 

My knowledge on Visas and Permits is limited due to having secured Settled Status, but I’ve included this in the Expat Guide as well to serve your needs a bit better! 



You can browse full and part-time jobs, upload your CV and manage applications on websites such as CV Library.

See a comprehensive listing of sites at the end of this section!

Visas and Moving to UK

As an EU citizen you might qualify for the Settlement Scheme or could find yourself needing to find information about Visas and Immigration:

Gov UK – Visas & Immigration


Preparing yourself & CV

You need to make sure your CV stands out for the right reasons and that you’re present on the right platforms:

Expatica – Applying UK Job

EFA – 10 Tips finding a Job

Starting a Job

Before starting your job, most likely you will need to get a National Insurance Number and open a bank account. For this visit:

Gov UK – National Insurance Number

Monito – Bank Accounts

Here you have it!

Sometimes the best stories are sweet and short. I hope that this Expat Guide to Jobs and Working in the UK has made your job hunting a bit less laboursome! Wanted to find jobs in UK? Needed to know how to open first bank account in England? I hope you will find out the answers for these and more with this Expat Guide!

Lastly, I want to wish you all the best of luck catching your dreams. Please follow me on Social media and share this article so that others can benefit from this Expat Guide too!


(Remember that this is not a paid review and this is the sheet I would use myself, if I was to be moving to UK for the first time and was looking for information on the job market)

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Psst.. Here is the list to the jobsites I promised!

Specialised Jobsites
  • Careworx– care workers, social workers, nursing and managers
  • Caterer – hospitality, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and catering
  • Charityjobs – charities
  • Computer weekly – IT
  • CWJobs – IT
  • Design Week– design, branding, copywriting, artworking, exhibitions, graphics, interiors, furniture and packaging
  • Exec Appointments – executive jobs
  • Hays – management and professional level jobs
  • Justengineers – engineering
  • Madjobs – marketing and advertising
  • Mandy – TV and film
  • Music Jobs– all aspects of the music industry including performers, producers, teachers
  • NHSjobs – jobs in all sectors of the National Health Service throughout the UK, from medics and nurses, through administration to cleaning and services
  • Prospects – graduates
  • Splashfind – top 100 UK specialist jobsites

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